How I Buy Best Projector? (Projector Screen Size and Distance Matter)

How I Buy Best Projector? (Projector Screen Size and Distance Matter)

How I Buy Best Projector? (Projector Screen Size and Distance Matter)


As with so many consumer products these days, selecting a projector can be a walk in the park when you choose the right store —there are just so many options. Choosing the right projector is a simple process if you are Know this information.

  • The screen sizes.
  • Distance between the projector and the screen.
  • An estimate of the amount of ambient light present in the room in which the projector will be used.

In this series of articles, we will raise our customers' awareness about choosing a projector suitable for their requirements.


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Why do screen size and throw distance matter?

Projectors have a very important specification called "throw ratio."

Throw ratio is a specification that is determined by the first two pieces of information in the equation:

  •     How far is the projector is from the screen (throw distance)?
  •     How wide is the screen?


For example:

    Screen Width: 10 feet

    Projector-to-Screen Distance: 15 feet

    Required Throw Ratio: 1.5:1


The first step in choosing a projector, therefore, is pinning down how wide the screen is and how far the projector can be placed from the screen—once you've done this, your choices will narrow considerably.

Of course, you may have flexibility. Maybe your space allows you to mount the projector anywhere you want on the ceiling. In this case, while you might technically be able to choose any projector you want, you should consider mounting the projector as close to the screen as you comfortably can.



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Projector Screen Size :

Projector screens merit a whole buying guide of their own. However, at this point, many of you will be understandably wondering, “If I'm starting from scratch, how should I know what screen size to get?” A quick, and very rough, rule of thumb is to multiply the distance of the “least-favored viewer”—i.e., the person farthest from the screen—by 1/5. So, if your LFV will be sitting 50 feet away, you'll need a screen that is 10 feet high.


But what if you don't know? Or what if the projector is being used on the go?

Every effort should be made to find out, since there is no “standard” throw ratio, nor is there a standard screen size. On paper, multimedia projectors with built-in lenses don't appear to vary much.


They mostly range from somewhere between 1.3:1 to 3:1, whereas a fixed installation projector with interchangeable lenses might have lens options ranging from 0.8:1 up to 15:1. You might have decided, since they're all about the same, to risk it. This might work, but remember that even exceeding by only a foot on a 10-foot screen can lead to a critical part of the presentation being cut off.



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